Fuzion Pocket Scale-PL50



Introducing the Fuzion Pocket Scale-PL50, your go-to solution for precision weighing needs. The Fuzion PL50 (0.001 x 50) boasts remarkable accuracy and a host of features to simplify your weighing tasks.

With a full capacity Tare function, this scale lets you subtract the weight of containers, making it ideal for portioning ingredients in the kitchen or measuring gemstones and jewelry. It offers six weighing modes, ensuring versatility for various applications.

The package includes two new 1.5V AAA batteries for free, ensuring you can start using your scale right away. Plus, it comes with a Fuzion Precision Scale User Manual, making setup and operation a breeze.

One standout feature is the auto calibration function, guaranteeing precise measurements every time. The LCD display with blue backlight ensures readability, even in low-light conditions. Thanks to the auto power-off feature, your batteries will last longer, making this scale an eco-friendly choice.

What sets the Fuzion Pocket Scale-PL50 apart is its remarkable portability. Despite its lightweight design, it can accurately weigh up to 200 grams in 0.01-gram increments. This makes it perfect for a wide range of applications, from measuring herbs and spices in the kitchen to weighing valuable gemstones or herbs for herbalists.


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